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business news
  • on february 4, the information office of the people\\\'s government of shandong province held a press conference on the economy, titled "learning about shandong\\\'s development with data".

  • on february 4, the conference on promoting the top priority project for high-quality development in shandong\\\\\\\'s industrial economy took place in jinan.

  • the general office of the people’s government of shandong province recently issued the development plan for the aerospace industry in shandong province.

  • on february 1, the 2024 shandong provincial sci-tech work conference was held in jinan to review and summarize the sci-tech work carried out in shandong province in 2023 and systematically arrange the work in 2024.

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cooperation projects


  • 15 billion rmb

    new energy & materials


  • 10 billion rmb

    new energy & materials


  • 10 billion rmb

    high-end equipment manufacturing


  • 10 billion rmb

    new generation of information technology


major industries


  • new-generation information technology
  • high-end equipment
  • new energy
  • new materials
  • marine economy
  • medical & elderly care service
  • high-end chemical engineering
  • modern high-efficiency agriculture
  • cultural creativity
  • quality tourism
  • modern finance
  • modern light industrial textile
industry news
  • on november 8, the 2023 world internet conference wuzhen summit, themed "building an inclusive, universally beneficial and resilient digital world - working together to build a community of common destiny in cyberspace", opened as scheduled, marking the annual "wuzhen time" for the global internet.

  • in daily life and industrial production, more and more simple and repeated manual work is starting to be done by intelligent robots such as cleaning robots, transfer robots, welding and painting robots, and automatic packaging robots.

industry news
  • recently, the shandong provincial department of industry and information technology announced the "list of suppliers of intelligent factory, digital workshop, intelligent manufacturing scenario and intelligent manufacturing system solutions in shandong province in 2023".

  • at present, the main structure of the project of the high-end r&d center of the maglev transportation industrial base in weifang city has been established. it is expected that the project will be completed and put into use within this year.

industry news
  • recently, the daily installed capacity of wind and pv power at shandong’s grid crossed the mark of 80 million kw and reached 82.288 million kw, ranking first among provincial grids.

  • recently, the people’s government of shandong province issued the action plan for the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry in shandong province.

industry news
  • at the 2023 china (binzhou) new energy and new materials industrial development conference, 42 major investment cooperation projects were signed and to be implemented in binzhou, with a total amount of 126.704 billion yuan.

industry news
  • recently, a symposium on the high-quality development of fisheries in shandong province was held in jinan. according to the symposium, shandong has taken deep-sea aquaculture as the main development direction and managed to develop four major deep-sea aquaculture methods.

  • recently, the information office of qingdao municipal people’s government held a press conference on "reform and innovation cases of building a leading modern marine city." during the conference, 20 reform and innovation cases in the marine field were released.

industry news
industry news
  • it is busy everywhere in the dongying chemical industry park. haike group, a leading enterprise in the chemical industrial chain in dongying district, is laying the foundations of the yike new materials industrial park, which is a key transformation and upgrading project of the group.

  • focusing on strategically developing innovation chains in line with industrial chains and following the concept of "strengthening leading enterprises, completing industrial chains, and building clusters," shandong lunan high-tech chemical industrial park has made a big push to develop industrial chains for its high-end chemical and new materials industries.

industry news
  • recently, the shandong development and reform commission specially interpreted the list of policies for promoting economic consolidation and improvement and accelerating green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in 2024.

  • on december 27, the information office of liaocheng municipal people’s government held a press conference to introduce the development of rural characteristic industries in liaocheng city, shandong province.

industry news
  • on september 27, the opening ceremony of the 2023 china (qufu) international confucius cultural festival and the awarding ceremony of the 18th unesco confucius prize for literacy were held at the university hall of nishan sacred land in qufu city, shandong province.

  • recently, as a supporting event of the 4th china international cultural tourism fair, the 2023 conference on high-quality development of cultural industry and cultural creative brand building was held in jinan, shandong province.

industry news
  • on september 26, the 2023 weifang international kite carnival kicked off in weifang city, also known as the "kite capital of the world", in shandong province.

industry news
  • recently, shandong issued several measures for further strengthening the support for private investment development, focusing on five aspects, namely new construction, revitalization, factors, environment, and mechanisms.

  • to further promote the combination of science and technology with finance and support banks to increase credit support for sci-tech smes, the administrative measures for risk compensation and discount interest for the sci-tech achievement transformation loan in shandong province was released on december 25.

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job openings
talent policies
  • in order to implement the opinions on strengthening the construction of a high-skilled workforce in the new era, shandong province has formulated the following implementation opinions on strengthening the construction of its high-skilled workforce in the new era.

  • recently, the talent office of the cpc shandong provincial committee issued several measures on strengthening the co-construction of talent carrier platforms with extraprovincial high-level universities and institutes and contributing to the formation of a wild-geese-flying pattern for talent agglomeration.

  • binzhou enacts “27 items of new talent policy”

  • zibo city recently enacted the “measures on improving talent work in zibo in the new era” (50 items of zibo talent policy)

  • introduction of "fourteen talent golden policies"

  • basic requirements on organizations that can set up postdoctoral innovation practice bases.

  • policies on supporting the building of top talent teams in shandong。

  • supportive policies for the "one project one discussion" top talent team introduction system in shandong。

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